Taxi in Lvov

Taxi in Lvov is a current service both for the citizens of this magnificent city and for its guests. Lvov is a city with history, rich architectural heritage and authentic cultural relics.

Nowadays interest of tourists, businessmen and simply seekers of relicts and adventures in the ancient city of Lion only grows. People from around the world come here in an order to estimate all splendour of ancient city and walk on its narrow ancient streets.

You have to get quickly from one place in the city to the another? Do you search in the Internet the cheapest taxi of Lvov? Choose the "Express-Taxi".

Our dispatcher center works twenty-four-hour, the experienced drivers can make an excursion on a home town for you. Trip with the "Express-Taxi" on the brick roadways of Lvov grows into an enthralling trip. During a trip you can simply lay on the back seat of comfortable auto and listen the stories about local sights.

Do you wish to visit interesting places in the city? Do not know where to stop for the night? Do not know where to eat up or drink  a coffee? Do you wish to have fun in a night-club or to sit in a comfort outdoors? Do you need the most quick taxi? Lvov is a hospitable city and our drivers and dispatchers work for your comfort.

Because of the high level of service, long-term work experience and good price policy, the services of the "Express-Taxi" in Lvov uses not only tourists but also citizens of city.

The "Express-Taxi" was founded in 1999. Since then our company  improved itself and developed, stepping in step with technical progress and innovative technologies. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, including a weekends and holidays in order to make your transpiration in a city comfortable.

Nowadays our company includes following services :

  • a taxi in Lvov – hire van and taxi services;
  • services of the urgent locks opening;
  • services of vehicle recovery and tow truck on the road;
  • VIP-ransportations.

It is a well-known situation when it is necessary to call a taxi but all the operators reply that there are no free cars. Bur, when you call to "Express-Taxi" you will never hear such answer because our car fleet allow scattering cars in the city evenly. Our drivers are always ready to bring you on the stated address.

What is the main competitive advantages of the "Express-Taxi"?

  • Operational efficiency of auto servicing - we provide cars in time, due to the biggest car fleet in Ukraine.
  • Low prices. On our services we have one of the lowest prices among numerous taxi services in Lvov.
  • Benefit of parsimony – our  permanent and corporate clients uses the program of loyalty and have good discounts.
  • Reliability – age of cars in our car fleet does not exceed 10 years.
  • Comfort – we offer the wide spectrum of additional services. More information  you can find on our site or by calling in a dispatching center.

Trip with the "Express-Taxi" guarantees safety and comfort of passengers, also we have our own Servicing Station, thereby all motor transport correspond to all technical norms. Our drivers are real professionals, and their driving experience is no less than 10 years.

If you decided to use our services, we will do everything, in order you to became our permanent client. Call: (032) 239-15-15, (098) 239-15-15.

(032 | 095 | 097 | 098) 239-15-15

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