Pre-order of taxi

If you have pre-planned the trip, our service of booking a taxi in advance is for you. For those who have scheduled an important meeting, a ride to the airport or the train station, this service can be useful too.

Pre-order of taxi in Lviv is saving time and ensuring that the people will arrive without delay.

«Express Taxi» service

We provide pre-order of taxi service in Lviv. The client can be sure that the car will arrive on time, and he will come to the desired location within a short period of time.

We appreciate each customer and care for their comfort. Our prices are quite affordable, but the quality doesn’t suffer.

The advantages of our company:

  • A wide range of car of different classes;
  • Acceptable prices;
  • Friendly employees;
  • Different services;
  • Excellent service for customers and an impeccable reputation;

We value our passengers so and make every effort so that the trip can take place in proper conditions. Thanks to our own car park you can choose the most suitable car.

Would you like to pre-order a taxi in Lviv? Please contact us. Good prices and friendly service will delight you.

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Ukraine, Lviv
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