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For partners and clients:

The most effective way of advertising in a taxi is placing of different print media materials in the vehicle. It can be various business cards, booklets and flyers, which can capture the attention of the passenger during the long trip.

We cooperate with different printing-offices thus have the opportunities to print any advertisement on moderate prices. Printing of two-sided business cards, flyers, matches, magnets or booklets is possible. On one side would be information about our taxi, on the other side – information about your goods and services. A part of promotional materials will be widespread by our drivers, and other part - by your organization. If you have a large circulation we can offer to you the distribution of promotional materials on the streets of Kyiv, on mailboxes, in a subway or in a inner-city shuttle buses.

In our days due to the present economic conditions the problem of advertisement is especially acute, and every advertiser tries to retrench on it. Our company will be glad to help you herein. We are ready to consider various ways in cooperation with every partner.

For companies:

Company, as our partner have a possibility to use services of our taxi for trips on Kyiv, servicing on  meetings, corporate events, business travels, document delivery and so on. In addition, “Express-Taxi” deals a big attention to the seeing offs and meetings of your guests, partners or employees at the airport Boryspil, railway and  bus stations.

Among the advantages of contractual basis it is possible to mention:

  • providing of detailed report about accomplished trips;
  • all kinds of transportation services: delivery, driver, taxi at the airport and other;
  • flexible discount system for all our partners;
  • servicing on corporate events, banquets and conferences;
  • meetings and seeing offs of guests (partners) of your company;
  • calculation of best route and escort of passengers;
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Ukraine, Lviv
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20 Volodymyra Velykoho str.

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